Jason Lowder

“When you do the right things for the right reason, you get the right results.”
- Jason Lowder

Jason is fired up about making this world a better place through better relationships and more meaningful human interactions, healthier partnerships, bigger smiles and simply just loving one another as we’re supposed to.

“I’m not passing this off to the next generation; why put off what we can change now?”

Jason is focused on changing the world one relationship at a time. It’s not a gimmick, it’s a passion. And each and every one of us has a part to play in building better relationships. The good ones make us better people, and this world a better place.

Start interacting with one another - we need to put the devices down for a minute and start to look each other in the eyes so the smart phones don't make us dumb.

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The Person

Family First

Jason was born and raised just outside of Seattle, Washington where he lived with his family through high school. After college, Jason relocated to Waikiki and found a hidden talent on the microphone hosting and emceeing events of all types. That skill took him all over the world hosting events, introducing contestants, emceeing parties, speaking to large crowds, motivating and presenting to businesses and organizations of all types. Jason’s career evolved into a marketing career starting with event and college marketing and lead him to a new business focused on grassroots and guerrilla marketing where he has been delivering positive results for other companies since early 2000.

Jason's private life is full of Love, including a fun-loving and talented blended family that welcomed his amazing wife, Monika, who he married 2011. Monika and Jason are equally yoked, 3 strands that cannot be broken, his ying to her yang, a solid combination that perfectly complements one another. Monika has become Jason’s business partner, better half, travel partner and keeps him grounded and focused on the mission; Changing the world one relationship at a time. Oh, and they are mom and dad to a rescued Shepard mix named Wiley a.k.a Smiley Wiley. Most definitely man’s best friend!

The Passion

Lowder Relationships

Making the World a better place

We truly believe we can make the world a better place one relationship at a time.

Building relationships is better than selling

Good relationships last forever where a sales pitch lasts but for a moment and typical advertising fades over time.

Spray and Pray or Laser Focused

Relationship marketing is strategic and specific like a rifle, known for pen-point accuracy where other marketing methods are like a shot gun and known for the spray and pray method. (Pray and Hope).

Sometimes it's this easy

When you do the right thing for the right reason you get the right results


We're not saying that all other marketing and advertising is bad, we're just saying you need balance and the foundation should be build on solid local relationships.

Relationships last forever

What do you know of that lasts forever? Ads fade, commercials run their course, print becomes garbage or recycle material, social and digital are gone in the blink of an eye, and all require, pouring endless amounts of money in each and every month

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The Professional

Relationship Marketing

This professional entrepreneur loves business and is focused on doing his part to make this world a better place by teaching people how to build strategic business relationships.

As the zealous owner of FixAim Marketing and former marketing executive with Marco’s Franchising LLC in addition to being an active franchisee, Jason also sits on the Board of Directors with the non-profit AV7 Foundation www.AV7.org. Currently Jason is advising several organizations as a growth and marketing consultant, a few clients are listed below.

In 2019, Jason decided to dedicate himself to doing what he loves while making a bigger impact on the world by launching www.LowderRelationships.com. This allows him to utilize over 25 years of marketing experience to deliver a platform for teaching Relationship Marketing that is focused on building strong local business relationships that drive ever increasing traffic.

In 2010 Marco’s Pizza set its sights on recruiting Jason while he was still providing consulting services to the brand through his company, www.FixAimMarketing.com, a national, guerilla-style, grassroots marketing company that continues to grow even today. With a proven track record of clients ranging from Fortune 100 giants and national brands, to young brands with multiple locations and new companies ready to launch their businesses, FixAim has a unique ability to adjust quickly to accommodate client’s needs while customizing support packages that deliver results.

As the VP of Local Store Marketing for www.Marcos.com, he was recognized with the company’s prestigious MVP award and The Person of the Year Award, and forged forever relationships with great mentors. One of those mentors and admirers was CEO Jack Butorac, who had this to say about Jason:

"Jason's Local Store Marketing approach, particularly his focus on building community relationships, played an important role in Marco's growth from 200+ stores to the 900+ stores we are today. His strategies for Grand Openings helped new stores launch strong. But perhaps Jason’s greatest contribution was his ability to help franchisees understand the value of grassroots marketing, great values and changing the way they connect within their communities."
While with Marco’s Franchising, the brand was recognized as the fastest growing Pizza company in America six years in a row, received the industry’s top honor as the Golden Chain Award Winner and was recognized as “America’s Favorite Pizza Company.” As marketing vice president, Lowder helped the chain grow to over 900 locations in 37 states and 3 countries while building a Local Store Marketing department that supported over 600 new store Grand Openings and grew average unit volumes to over $700k.

That’s what relationship marketing is all about, and what it can do for you.

The Public Speaker


This Public Speaker has been hosting events all around the world from for 30 plus years and is able to capture the attention of audiences of all types from white and black tie to corporate convention and destination events as well as motivational key note speaking, event host, master of ceremonies voice model and a Jack of all trades on the microphone making any event more fun, engaging and memorable.

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See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it!!!

Jason is a man of many hats and many talents and has divided his time into 4 quadrants:

The Person

If you want to reach out to Jason on a personal level, please do so by using the link below to email him and / or friend him on Facebook with the link below.

The Passion

Jason's passion is www.LowderRelationships.com where he is focused on changing this world one relationship at a time by teaching relationship marketing to business owners who want to increase sales through strategically local relationships. Back to the Basics!

The Professional

Easily accessible through several social media channels and his websites, for relationship marketing services at www.LowderRelationships.com and grassroots marketing services through www.FixAim.com.

The Public Speaker

Contact him via this email link Info@JasonLowder.com.

Simple and Easy

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